3 Things Your Teeth Should Never Do

habits that are bad for your teeth

We don’t tend to think of our teeth as being particularly delicate. And in reality, they’re not.

Teeth are actually the hardest part of the human body owing mainly to a substance called dentin which makes up the majority of the tooth.

Teeth actually contain a lot of the same minerals as bones, but with the added strength of dentin and hard tooth enamel that coats the surface of the tooth and protects it from harm.

A fundamental way in which teeth are different from bones though lies in their inability to heal.

As we all know, broken bones have a great way of healing themselves. A month or so in a plaster cast and that broken leg will be nearly as good as new. A chipped or broken tooth, however, will never be able to heal itself. That’s why, here at Rocky Ridge Dental, we offer a wide range of restorative dentistry treatments to help repair patients’ smiles to their former glory.

Today’s blog post is all about highlighting the best ways to prevent doing damage to your teeth.


1- Never Open Bottles With Your Teeth

We all know someone who does this.

Opening bottles with your teeth might be a great party trick, but it’s probably not one that your dentist will thank you for.

Take the extra few minutes to find a bottle opener, or better yet, buy twist top bottles or cans so you don’t need an opener at all.

One of the leading causes of broken or chipped teeth comes from people using their teeth for things they are just not intended to do.

It only takes one unfortunate slip or a tricky bottle to lead to a dental emergency.

If you have been opening bottles with your teeth for a while without any noticeable damage to your teeth, you might be thinking this is a harmless habit. Over time though, putting this kind of pressure and strain on your teeth causes damage that you may not be able to see.

Repeated high pressure on the same points of the same teeth can have a cumulative effect, causing tiny cracks and weaknesses to build on the inside of the tooth. Eventually, those weaknesses build to a point where it really doesn’t take much for major tooth damage to occur.


2 – Bite Your Fingernails

Just as your teeth or not bottle openers, they also don’t make great nail trimmers either.

Biting your nails is a very common habit that, over time, can contribute to dental problems.

You might be surprised at the amount of pressure that’s needed for your teeth to bite through the tissue of your fingernails.

The other issue with biting your nails is that you inevitably end up using the same teeth repeatedly. This places added pressure and strain on those teeth, rather than spreading the work out among the whole mouth as you would do if you were chewing particularly hard food.

As we discussed in the previous point, it is that build-up of relatively minor damage over time that occasionally leads to major dental problems.

On top of that, biting your nails is also a major hygiene issue.

Underneath the edges of your fingernails is a breeding ground for bacteria, which get caught there in our day to day lives. It is also a difficult area to reach when cleaning your hands, meaning that bacteria can build up quickly. Biting your nails means that you are putting that bacteria into your mouth where it can be ingested into your body and create potential health problems.


3 – Ignore Tooth Pain

The third and final thing on our list today is ignoring tooth pain.

Pain in your teeth doesn’t always indicate a problem. Sometimes mild tooth pain doesn’t require dental intervention and will naturally subside.

Unfortunately, however, that isn’t always the case.

Pain or discomfort in your tooth can be a symptom of a wider dental issue, and here at Rocky Ridge Dental, we would always recommend consulting with your local dentist if you are experiencing any kind of pain or discomfort.

If you’re experiencing tooth pain, contact Rocky Ridge Dental today at 403 244 2273


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