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If you are looking for a dentist near Rocky Ridge in Northwest Calgary, then look no further!

When seeking a dental professional, a Google search for “dentist near me” can turn up several results. At Rocky Ridge Dental, we work hard to make ourselves your top choice for excellent dental care. Our expert staff have the knowledge and experience to give you your brightest, whitest smile.


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Our team, under general dentist Dr. Mustafa Esmail, would love to have you visit our office. Our well-established dental practice is here to meet all your needs, whether you are looking for a family dentist or need the services of an emergency dentist. We offer the best of today’s high-quality dentistry in a warm, welcoming, and comfortable environment. You are our guest, and we will do all we can to make you feel at home.Dentist near me rocky ridge dental team calgary


Our caring and professional staff know that a lot more than just your teeth depends on your oral health. Your dental care routine can influence your general health as well, and proper dental care can help prevent other illnesses such as respiratory infections, diabetic complications, and cardiovascular disease. Even dementia may result due to bacteria from gingivitis entering the brain through channels in the head or through the bloodstream.


Your health matters to us and we take it seriously, serving you to the highest standards using advanced technology while offering top-notch customer service. We stress open communication with our patients, taking the time necessary to learn about your specific needs and tailor our service to match.


There have been many advances in the field of dentistry over the past several decades. Dental implants are one example of how dental practices have evolved, changing the way we replace missing teeth. Regardless of your current dental situation, we can help you regain your beautiful smile and tooth function. You deserve a radiant and confident smile, and we can help you get there whether you need minor care or the latest in cosmetic dentistry.


Our team of expert dental hygienists do more than simply clean your teeth; they are an integral part of your care team and can evaluate your oral health in a professional and knowledgeable manner. Following their evaluation, they can remove any plaque and tartar buildup that, if not addressed, could cause harm to your teeth, gums, and bone. Their expertise keeps your teeth clean and helps you stay healthy.


We understand that prevention is a vital aspect of your oral health. With regular visits, your dentist can professionally monitor your dental health and prevent small emerging issues from developing into larger concerns, saving you from more extensive work down the road. Stop in for a cleaning & preventative care treatment and we can ensure that you avoid larger issues in the future. 


At Rocky Ridge Dental, our doors are always open to new patients. We look forward to welcoming you into our modern facility, where you will receive old-fashioned care that will surely make you smile!

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