Emergency Dentist In Calgary


Emergency Dentist In Calgary

Dental pain is extremely difficult to endure. Not only can it be excruciating, but it also impacts your ability to eat and sleep, and generally makes life unpleasant until you can see your dentist. When you are experiencing a dental emergency, nothing is worse than having to wait for relief, and you shouldn’t have to.

We always leave room in our schedules to accommodate same-day dental emergency cases. If you require an emergency dentist appointment, use the link below to make an appointment or call us at 403-244-2273!

Emergency Dental

If you have been injured or are in need of urgent dental care in Calgary, contact Rocky Ridge Dental today.
Our experienced dental staff are always on hand to help with:
  • Sports Injuries
  • Accidents
  • Cronic Tooth Pain
  • Damaged dental implants or prosthetics
  • Lost Filling
Get fast, effective dental help with all dental emergencies in Calgary.
  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Knocked out teeth
  • Abscesses or swelling
  • Pain and discomfort
  • Emergency dental surgery
Calgary Emergency Dentist

Coping With a Dental Emergency

Whatever the cause of your emergency, you will likely be experiencing considerable pain; this is normal and to be expected. Tooth pain can be caused by a bacterial infection of the tooth’s nerve. This may be the result of decay reaching deep into the tooth. Fortunately, the infection is easily remedied with a root canal treatment.

For many, the thought of undergoing a root canal is enough to cause near-anxiety, but their fear is misplaced. A root canal treatment is comparable to getting a filling. The pain that is typically associated with the root canal is actually due to the infection that the root canal will treat.

Pain may also be related to trauma inflicted upon the tooth, such as a forceful impact. Occasionally, the damage to the tooth is too severe for repair, such as when a tooth has fractured below the bone level. In these cases, tooth extraction is called for. Though they may not be the solution you are hoping for, tooth extractions today are done with ease. Further, the extraction site can even be repaired with a bone graft that will preserve the bone in your jaw. Doing so leaves you with excellent options for replacement, such as implants.

Although dental pain will likely lead you to believe there is a serious issue requiring immediate correction, you may be suffering from something relatively mild which will not require extreme or invasive treatments. For example, gum recession may cause the dentin found under your enamel to become exposed, in turn exposing nerve endings and causing you pain. Consuming sweets, hot or cold foods and liquids, and sometimes even just breathing can all become extremely painful.

Alleviating the pain from these exposed nerves is possible by sealing them with fluoride agents. A long-term solution might be to use gingival grafts.

Pain is an indicator that something has gone wrong. Your pain may be related to cavities, gingivitis, abscesses, or physical trauma. No matter the cause, your best solution is to contact your dentist, who will know how to relieve your suffering, and more importantly, how to resolve the issue that caused it in the first place.

At Rocky Ridge Dental, we know the pain you feel from a cracked tooth and understand your concern over inflamed, bleeding gums. We also know that when you need relief, you need it now. That is why we always schedule our appointments to be able to accommodate those with emergency cases.

Don’t suffer more than you have to. If you require emergency dental services, contact us today so that we can help.

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