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What’s the Best Toothbrush 2021

best toothbrush 2021

Dentist Toothbrush Review 2021 When it comes to toothbrushes, there is certainly no shortage of options. While it may have once been a simple decision between hard, medium, and soft bristles, there are now many types of toothbrushes available, with ergonomic handles, bamboo or plastic handles, and bristles that are at odd angles or infused

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3 Things Your Teeth Should Never Do

habits that are bad for your teeth

We don’t tend to think of our teeth as being particularly delicate. And in reality, they’re not. Teeth are actually the hardest part of the human body owing mainly to a substance called dentin which makes up the majority of the tooth. Teeth actually contain a lot of the same minerals as bones, but with

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TMJ – Everything You Need To Know

TMJ symptoms and treatment options

TMJ is the shortened abbreviation for the temporomandibular joint, and experiencing pain and discomfort here is not uncommon. The temporomandibular joint is basically the joint where the jawbone connects to the skull. If you think about the range of motion that your jawbone has, you might start to wonder how a joint like that can

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