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Missing Teeth Replacement Options

Are you missing teeth? If the answer is yes, then chances are it has negatively affected a few different aspects of your life! Do you avoid smiling with an open mouth in photos? Are there certain foods you have difficulty eating? The good news is, you have options when it comes to replacing those missing teeth so you can get back to having a worry-free smile!

At Rocky Ridge Dental in Calgary, we offer two different restorative treatments: bridges and dentures. Both bridges and dentures are designed to be durable, long-lasting options so that you can spend less time fussing about your smile and more time enjoying life. Here are the basics about both.

Fixed Bridges

Fixed bridges can be used to replace one tooth or multiple teeth. The foundation behind how a bridge works is right in its name. Artificial teeth in between two dental crowns are used to literally bridge the gap in your smile. The dental crowns are bonded to the teeth on either side of the space so that your artificial teeth fill in the gap and stay in place.

Full & Partial Dentures

Dentures have long been a popular option for replacing many missing teeth and even complete arches of teeth. In the case of the former, a partial denture is used. In the case of the latter, it’s a full or complete denture. If you get dentures, we’ll make sure that the color of the artificial teeth and gums look natural and that the fit feels secure and comfortable.

Teeth Replacement in Calgary, AB

If you want to learn more about either of these teeth replacement options, contact Rocky Ridge Dental and our team would be happy to provide more information! We also invite you to schedule a consultation at our office so we can go over both in detail based on your unique case.



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