Is it a Cavity? What to Know During a Pandemic

010 stages of tooth decay

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many dentists in Calgary have had to close their offices for services outside of essential care and dental emergencies. By Calgary dentists continuing to provide emergency treatments, families are able to avoid making unnecessary trips to hospital emergency rooms where they risk exposure to the novel coronavirus.   But what

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Is Root Canal Therapy Painful?

is root canal therapy painful root canal surgery pain management and pain relief

A lot of people have heard of root canal therapy, and it’s a treatment that has generated a reputation for being painful and uncomfortable. That reputation, however, is not always the reality. Today’s blog post is all about root canal therapy and pain management. We’ll explain what exactly root canal therapy is, and help you

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3 Things Your Teeth Should Never Do

habits that are bad for your teeth

We don’t tend to think of our teeth as being particularly delicate. And in reality, they’re not. Teeth are actually the hardest part of the human body owing mainly to a substance called dentin which makes up the majority of the tooth. Teeth actually contain a lot of the same minerals as bones, but with

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How To Spot Healthy Gums (And Why It Matters)

signs and symptoms of healthy and unhealthy gums

We spend a lot of time thinking about and taking care of our teeth. Brushing them twice per day, maintaining a healthy diet, and getting regular dental checkups are all a part of most people’s normal routines. However, what most people fail to pay enough attention to is their gums. Your gums are an equally

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TMJ – Everything You Need To Know

TMJ symptoms and treatment options

TMJ is the shortened abbreviation for the temporomandibular joint, and experiencing pain and discomfort here is not uncommon. The temporomandibular joint is basically the joint where the jawbone connects to the skull. If you think about the range of motion that your jawbone has, you might start to wonder how a joint like that can

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