How Long Does Wisdom Tooth Pain Last?

how long does wisdom tooth pain last

Wisdom Tooth Pain

Every year, millions of people have their wisdom teeth extracted. In fact, nearly 85% of people will have their wisdom teeth removed during their lifetime. For some people, it may be that their wisdom teeth are not growing in correctly. An impacted wisdom tooth is one that is stuck below the surface of the gums and may be growing at an odd angle. If you don’t have wisdom tooth pain, not removing them may cause other issues in time.

Many dentists will recommend having your wisdom teeth extracted if you experience any of the following:

Misaligned Teeth

This can occur if there is not enough room in the mouth. For many people, this could lead to the tooth becoming impacted. Removing the wisdom teeth gives you more space for the necessary teeth.

Gum Pain

A partially emerged wisdom tooth can lead to infection when food and bacteria become trapped.

Crooked Wisdom Teeth

If your wisdom teeth do manage to come in, they may be crooked, forcing your other teeth to shift and make space. Your wisdom teeth, if misaligned, may actually cause damage to neighbouring teeth.


It is possible for cysts to form when the sac next to the tooth becomes filled with fluid. This could result in the surrounding bone or roots being destroyed.

Even if you experience none of the above, your dentist may recommend having your wisdom teeth removed, as many people have difficulty caring for them properly and keeping them clean.

wisdom tooth pain

When Do Wisdom Teeth Grow In?

There is some variance, but for the average person wisdom teeth tend to grow in between the ages of 17- 21, though they start growing typically between the ages of 7-10. They are the last of the permanent teeth to grow in.

How Long Does the Pain of Extraction Last?

We have all seen TV shows, movies and hilarious youtube videos where someone has their wisdom teeth removed and they swell up like chipmunks with full cheeks. Often, they seem to be in great pain as well. This can make the procedure seem frightening, but fortunately, those portrayals are exaggerated.

Wisdom tooth extraction is out-patient surgery, meaning you will go home after the procedure. Depending on the type of sedation you receive, you may either wake up in the dental chair, or need to rest in a recovery room before leaving.

You will slowly regain feeling as the anaesthesia wears off. Some pain and swelling are normal, and you will be given instructions on when and how to take pain medication. You can use an ice pack as soon as you like.

Following your surgery, you should eat very soft foods and avoid using a straw. Also, avoid alcohol, caffeine, and smoking.

wisdom teeth

How Much Does it Cost to Remove Wisdom Teeth?

The cost can vary depending on how severely your teeth are impacted and other factors, but in general, it can cost between $160 to $500. A small price to pay for wisdom tooth pain relief. 

Having your wisdom teeth out is a common and simple procedure. For more information about having your wisdom teeth extracted, contact us today or see our previous article on ‘Why Do You Need Wisdom Teeth Removed’


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  1. DentalSave

    You made a great point when you mentioned that If your wisdom teeth do figure out how to come in, they might be screwy, driving your different teeth to move and make space.

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