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How to choose a Calgary Family Dentist

You wouldn’t settle for less than the best when it comes to your health, would you? You want a doctor who knows what he or she is doing and will provide the best possible care. It only makes sense to hold your family dentist to the same standard, especially as we learn more about how oral health impacts our overall health.

While some may not be too choosy when it comes to finding a dentist for themselves, it is a different story when it involves the whole family, especially when you are looking to improve the oral health of your kids.

If you are searching for a new family dentist in Calgary, here are some points to consider before making a choice.

Family Dentist Qualifications and Experience

One of the first things that we look for with doctors is their qualifications. We should do the same for our dentists. This isn’t the only thing worth considering, however, as even the best qualifications don’t necessarily mean much when the dentist has no practical experience. Choosing the best dentist means finding one that not only has excellent qualifications, but the testimonials to demonstrate their experience as well.

Dentists have a variety of different specialties available to them, so be sure that you look for one that specializes in dental care for all ages. While it may seem a bit awkward to ask about the dentist’s qualifications and background, rest assured that others have asked before you, and the dental team should be happy to address your concerns and answer any questions that you might have.

What Do the Reviews Have to Say?

In the past, many people found their health professionals through referrals from friends and family, or simple word of mouth. Today, other options are available, such as Google Reviews. Many find these reviews quite helpful and even consider them to be as trustworthy as personal references. If you have recently moved to a new area where you don’t know anyone, these reviews offer a great place to start.

To find reviews of local dentists, simply go to Google and search for “general dentistry near me” or “Calgary Family Dentist”, and include your exact location. Google should then provide you with a list of dentists in your general area.

Another option is to check with social media; you should be able to find reviews on the dentist’s Facebook page, Google Reviews, for example.

What Dental Services Are Offered?

Try to remember that not every dentist offers more than general dentistry. You can easily find a dentist who offers all the basic services, but you should be looking for someone who can meet all your family’s needs for years to come, and that may include services such as tooth whitening, or even emergency services.

When your dentist can handle all your needs, it provides you with excellent continuity of care. It can be especially beneficial for younger patients who, upon becoming comfortable and secure with their dental team, may not want to go to someone new and unknown. They will prefer to stay with their familiar regular dentist.

calgary family dentist

Is the Environment in Their Office Friendly and Welcoming?

Sometimes you can walk into an office and almost immediately get a feel for the place. Is it warm and inviting? Is it nicely decorated? Does the atmosphere put you at ease? If it makes you feel tense or uncomfortable, it is worth trying to find out why. It is ok to trust your instincts.

Some medical and dental offices come across as cold and sterile. For some patients, this may not be very comforting, particularly if they tend to be nervous about seeing a dentist or have had unpleasant experiences in the past.

A major part of the atmosphere has nothing to do with the appearance and décor. It is a function of the staff. Do they seem friendly? Does it appear as though they are genuinely happy to be there and to be serving you? When you feel genuinely welcome, your visit will be much more pleasant, and you will feel at ease. This is also the kind of atmosphere you want your children to experience so that they will be calm and secure. This will help prepare them for a lifelong positive relationship with a family dentist.

Are They in a Convenient and Accessible Location?

If your dentist is close to home, this can be advantageous in several ways. If you have difficulty getting around, or have small children, you will likely not want to go far to reach the dental office, and you will appreciate not having to travel far when the weather is unpleasant. Still, you should probably maintain a certain degree of flexibility. If you find a dentist that is everything that you are looking for and who puts your kids at ease, then it may be worthwhile to you to travel a greater distance for the sake of excellent care.

Other considerations are whether there is ample parking, access for wheelchairs, and an elevator for those who have difficulty in using the stairs.

Are They Using the Latest Equipment and Technology?

Just as you want your dentist’s training to be up-to-date, you will also be more comfortable knowing that they are using the latest technology to improve your experience as a patient. You can visit their location to learn more about the equipment being used, or you may also find such information on their website.

Do They Provide Proactive Care?

No one wants cavities, especially if they know that they could have been prevented with a more proactive approach. This is even more important for children as their teeth are more vulnerable to tooth decay. You will want to find a dentist who is experienced with the needs of children so that they are more likely to spot potential issues and work to keep them from developing into something bigger.

One excellent treatment for younger patients is the use of a dental sealant. This involves a thin coating which is painted onto the surface of the tooth, becoming an extra layer that protects the tooth’s enamel. This is useful because baby teeth have tiny grooves that make it difficult for even children with the best dental habits to get them fully clean. Applying the sealant helps to protect these grooves.

Another useful treatment that most of us are familiar with is fluoride. Fluoride treatments help to make teeth more resistant to decay. Additionally, it can even help to repair small areas of decay before they turn into a larger problem.

How Do They Treat Their Clients?

While you already have some idea of this based on reading reviews and, perhaps, visiting the dental offices, keep in mind that the dentist’s website and social media will highlight the most positive reviews. At the same time, a negative review could be the result of an abnormal situation, or something particular to the reviewer and not truly related to the dentist or their staff.

If you can, talk to other patients to get an idea of whether they are happy and satisfied. You want a dentist that will make you feel like a friend, if not family. This will ensure that you feel like more than “just another patient” to them.

Choosing a family dentist requires some thought and even research, but it is worth it. After all, this is someone who will be a part of your family’s lives for many years to come.


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As a Calgary Family Dentist, their General Dental practice provides all aspects of family dentistry to their patients, and also provide services such as:






The Rocky Ridge Dental team cares about dentistry and will provide you with the dental health care for your family.  Our Calgary Family Dentist believes treating each patient with the additional attention they need in order to have a beautiful and healthy smile.


Rocky Ridge Dental accept patients of all ages and enjoys hosting a friendly, warm and comfortable environment, especially for their new young patients. Rocky Ridge Dental’s Calgary family dentist believes that proper care can make the a first time dentist visit and enjoyable experience. We educate your children about the importance of lifelong oral care through humour, patience and lots of smiles!  We recommend your child’s first dentist visit at the age of one. This way we will create a lifelong habit of superb oral hygiene.  We also offer same day scheduling for your family. Make your appointments for everyone in your family in the same day to save yourself time.


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