Is it Safe to Take Your Child to the Dentist for a Toothache?

Is it safe to take child to dentist during pandemic

Right now, most Calgary families are practicing “social distancing” to protect themselves against COVID-19. The same goes for most family dentists. But in a time of being encouraged to stay home, what if your child is experiencing tooth pain or another dental emergency?


Our Calgary emergency dentist offers 24/7 resources for new and existing patients. That means if your child has a toothache, you can call our office at any time. One of our staff — or Dr. Esmail — will return your call to talk through the problem and determine what the next steps should be. It could be that the best answer is same-day emergency dentistry for your child.


At Rocky Ridge Dental, we’ve taken special steps to protect our patients and team against COVID-19. We’ll first screen each emergency patient over the phone and then again once they reach our practice. Only essential personnel will be here with Dr. Esmail to provide care, to reduce the chances of any exposure.


Once you arrive, we’ll quickly evaluate your child’s situation to determine the cause of their toothache. It may be that numbing their tooth is the best way to get them out of pain. After that, we can treat the area to prevent any further toothaches. The emergency treatment may be something as simple as a filling, or a full coverage crown. Bottom line, we want to get rid of their toothache!


You know your child better than anyone. As a parent, we’re here to assist you in providing essential, same-day emergency dental care in Calgary when it’s needed. If you have questions about the best thing to do for your child’s toothache, we encourage you to call Rocky Ridge Dental at any time. Dr. Esmail and our staff are happy to assist you, even during this unique time of social distancing!


Book and appointment or speak with one of our dental professionals at the Rocky Ridge dental office by calling us at (403) 244 2273.


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